Friday, June 18, 2021

My Favorite Podcast

   I really enjoy listening to Podcast these days.  I like listening when I'm in the car, taking a long walk, cooking or house cleaning.  You won't be surprised that my favorite podcasts are about food.  Right now my #1 favorite is Homemade from  I've listened to every one!  I love the host, Martie Duncan.  I could listen to her southern accent all day!  Some of her guest are Guy Fieri, Carla Hall, Rachael Ray. Patti LaBelle, Michael Symon, just to name a few.  After each podcast I'm usually hungry, I've learned some new kitchen techniques and I'm inspired to get in the kitchen.  Now that I'm caught up, I've started to listen to some others, The Walk-in, The Sporkful  and Biscuits and Jam from Southern Living.  There are still so many food podcast that I'll never run out!  I love to know a few of your favorites.  Happy listening!


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