Sunday, December 9, 2012

Asian Zing Wings

Have you ever had the Asian Zing Sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings?  Well I've been craving their Asian Zing Wings and tonight  I'm a happy girl as I made them at home.   These wings were just what I was craving.  I found the recipe here  These are spicy (but not too spicy) with a touch of sweetness.

Sauce Ingredients:

2 tsp cornstarch
4 tsp rice wine vinegar
1/2 cup corn syrup
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup chili garlic sauce (find this in the Asian section)
1 tbsp (low sodium) soy sauce
1 tsp fresh lemon juice (if you don't have fresh lemon, fresh lime or even orange juice works)
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp garlic, minced (I don't add, already enough garlic in the chili garlic sauce)
1/4 tsp salt

1. Mix cornstarch and rice wine vinegar, set aside
2. Mix everything else in a sauce pan and heat on medium until steaming, add the cornstarch and vinegar mix.
3. Heat to a boil, stirring often, boil for 1 minute.  Take it off the heat.  It will thicken as it cools.  Once it cools, use or store in the fridge until ready to serve.

 *Best made ahead as it thickens as it cools.

3lbs Chicken Wing

1.  Preheat oven 400 degrees.
2.  Grease a baking sheet (with sides) lightly with vegetable oil.
3.  Lay wings on the baking sheet in a single layer.  Bake 40-50 minutes.
4.  Remove from oven, increase oven temperature to broil. Move oven racks closer to broiler (but not too close) Broil both sides until golden brown.  Only takes about 3-5 minutes per side, watch closely so not to burn.
5.  Transfer cooked wings to a large bowl and toss wings with the Asian Zing sauce.

Serves 3-4


  1. This sounds wonderful for an upcoming party I am hosting. Thank you for sharing and giving such great direction.

  2. wow love your blog, very nice

  3. I rarely comment online but since this is the umpteenth time I'm using this recipe...I felt like I had to comment. This recipe is super easy and super delicious. My family requests that I make these wings almost every week and we never have leftovers. My immediate and extended family request that I make these for dinner and family gatherings. I even had someone buy me the ingredients so that I could make them for her. I absolutely LOVE this recipe and you will too.

  4. Does it matter which you use: light or dark corn syrup?

    1. I used light but I think the dark would work fine. I may have to try the dark myself, it might add another depth of flavor.

  5. Thanks for your response, Dawn!

  6. OMG I have been looking every where (Pinterest & Youtube) for this recipe. I hope it taste similar, or just like Buffalo Wild Wings sauce. I will be back within a month or two to let you guys know !!!

    1. I hope you like these as much as we do. I don't even order them at Buffalo Wild Wings anymore as I like these better!