Monday, October 8, 2018

The Ultimate Dinner Party

Saturday evening Kevin and I along with our friends Tony and Margaret hosted a dinner at my house.  It wasn't an ordinary dinner party where I'm usually slaving in the kitchen, making a huge mess and stressing to get everything done before the guest arrive.  No, this was so different and wonderful!  Chef Mark and Brian of Vignette (dining club) came to my house to prepare a 5-course dining experience for 8.  How this all came to be was through a fundraiser,  Stand Up and Sing for Kids (Dane County CASA and Canopy Center).  We love to support and donate to this wonderful organization helping strengthen families and support children impacted by trauma and adversity.  We didn't even win the bid but Chef Mark and Brian were so gracious to give two dinner parties.  Lucky us, because it was amazing.  Thanks to Chef Mark and Brian, you guys sure know how to throw a dinner party and gave us all an evening to remember.  It was fun having you hang out in my kitchen.  You're welcome anytime!

Wine Pairing for each course.

Local Meat and cheese from Bavaria Sausage

          Tony & Margaret
          Ed and MaryAnn
          Megan & Ryan
          Kevin and Dawn

      Chef Mark and Brian

scene 1

scene 2

scene 3

scene 4


As wonderful as dinner was, one of the highlights for me was Mark and Brian washed all the dishes and left my kitchen spotless!  THANKS!!

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