Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I LOVE Juicing!

I'm here to say I love to juice.  My husband and I started a  couple of months ago after I won this amazing food processor with a juice attachment from a giveaway on Katies Cucina blog.   Check out her blog as she has wonderful recipes and great giveaways!  I make juice almost everyday.   It makes us feel healthy and it taste good.  I've tried different combinations of fruits and vegetables and this is our favorite combo.  It has it all! 

Carrots, Apples, Orange, Banana, Beet, Kale and Celery

That amount of fruit/vegetables shown above makes three glass of juice.  I like to save one for an afternoon pick me up.  It really does give me energy and keeps me from having a snack before dinner.  Thanks Katie, we're really enjoying our prize!

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