Sunday, July 15, 2012

Steak, King Crab and Bearnaise sauce

I LOVE summer grilling, makes cooking for two easy and fast.  I made this steak dinner extra special with some King crab legs.  Then over the steak and crab I spooned over some Bearnaise sauce.  I didn't make the Bearnaise sauce from scratch but used Knor's brand as I really like it.  I used a Ribeye steak (seasoned, grilled and sliced), King Crab (I get at Sam's Club, cooks up in minutes), Knor's Bearnaise sauce and served it all with fresh green beans.  It was a easy, fast and delicious summer meal!  If you have leftover Bearnaise sauce, don't waste it, serve it the next night on some roasted asparagus. 

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