Sunday, February 26, 2012

2 Sparrows (Chicago Restaurant)

  • Veggie Burger
    potato roll, avocado, corn salsa, poblano aoli, fresh greens and homemade tater tots
My husband and I found this amazing restaurant while shopping in Chicago.  As we were walking by we looked in and saw how busy it was and on impulse (an empty stomachs) we walked in.  It was a 45 minute wait but we didn't mind as they took our cell number and said they would call when our table was ready.  So we left and did a little shopping.  Well, it was worth the wait.  They are open for breakfast and lunch.  Kevin ordered breakfast, the pork belly sandwich (biscuit, pork belly, sunny side egg, pickled onions) with their homemade tater tots.  I ordered the veggie burger (picture above).  It was delicious!  Lot of flavor with a little spice.  The homemade tots were deep fried potato goodness!  Here the link for more information...2 Sparrows

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